Lecture performance: ‘Sounds Too Many’ by Francesca Thyssen-Bornemisza

Text by CLOT Magazine In the framework of TBA21-Academy, Francesca Thyssen-Bornemisza is giving her lecture performance, Sounds Too Many. The performance puts the ocean at centre stage at a time when sound pollution is exploding by using sophisticated audio engineering and visualizations to put things into perspective. The premiere will be on May 6 2019, on Ocean […]

CHRISTIAN MIO LOCLAIR, on humanising machines to understand our existence

Interview by Tina Gorjanc After a career as a robot-dancer, computer scientist, and choreographer, Christian Mio Loclair subverted his “nature imitating machines” practice into an exploration of nature by humanising and naturalising the “unnatural”. In this era of technological advances which is completely shifting how we perceive what it means to be human, Loclair, the […]