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CLOT Magazine is an online publishing platform dedicated to art/technology interactions and  experimental art forms. We aim to collect, display, and promote the crossover of art, with science and technology, with a focus on media theory, philosophy and cultural studies.

We feature developing and transgressive art movements by studying their creators and their lines of work, seeking trends and publishing compelling conversations with talented and inspiring innovators, while contextualising the appearance or existence of these new art forms to specific cultural and artistic frameworks.


CLOT Magazine is a non-profit project. If you like the site, please consider making a small ‘contribution’ so we can keep doing what we are passionate about. All donations will be used entirely for public outreach.


Lula Criado – Founder and Editor-in-Chief
Meritxell Rosell, PhD – Director and Editor-in-Chief


Contributing Editors
Jacobo García 
Olya Karlovich

Digital Producer
Stephen McLaughlin

Contributing Writers
Agata Kik, Miguel Isaza, Christopher Michael, Piotr Bockowski, 
Simona Serban, Lyndsey Walsh, Laura Cabiscol, Irem Erkin, 
Nicholas Burman, Katažyna Jankovska, Luca Nasciuti, 
Charlie Clark, Leoni Fischer, Daniela Silva, Juliette Wallace, Ania Mokrzycka

Site credits
Graphic design – Einatec
Web development – Einatec


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