Jacobo García for ‘Dynamic Nodes’, January 23 at STATE Studio Berlin

Text by CLOT Magazine For our 8th Mixtape, CLOT Magazine’s editor Jacobo García has prepared a selection of some of the most relevant Spanish ambient and experimental sound artists and musicians from the 80s and 90s. Only a few years after the end of the fascist dictatorship, the Spanish musical scene exploded, and every region […]

ROSANA ANTOLÍ, the natural, rhythmic kineticism of human experience

Interview Allan Gardner Rosana Antolí’s work defies categorisation by media, moving between traditional and new media in order to understand and re-present the natural, rhythmic kineticism of the human experience. Her focus on movement comes from the concept of Social Choreography, referring to the ways in which the world affects and is affected by movement, […]

KIM ALBRECHT, speculation over the incoming technologies of our future


Interview Tony Cho The Distinction Machine, in its most basic form, is an experiment on the language of machines. Not necessarily the language of code, which we use to communicate and work with computers, but a foreign one that humans may intrinsically not understand. Artist and designer Kim Albrecht is able to shore up this […]