CLOTMix: OOH-sounds presents ANDREA TAEGGI

Text by CLOT Magazine In this 16th mixtape volume, the Italian-born, Berlin-based music producer Andrea Taeggi has prepared a selection of sound that inspired his last album Mycorrhiza (OOH-sounds, 2020), also including recordings from the late Sanne van Hek, a dear friend of Taeggi’s and a great artist. Taeggi’s work is often categorised as experimental […]

Marianna Simnett: Contagion & the Utopian Body

Words by Eleanor Wakeford Defying fantasies of control, corroding internal integrity, and ignoring the borders that define and defend identity, contagion is considered a threat to individual, national and global security. [1]          — Alison Bashford and Claire Hooker While not exactly the ‘great equaliser’ as espoused by celebrities and politicians during the current Coronavirus crisis, […]