Online event: Music Futures & Simulacra: Exploring Without a Map by CO:QUO

Text by CLOT Magazine CO:QUO (CO-CREATE STATUS-QUO) is a collective of multidisciplinary creatives collaborating internationally to address status-quos that negatively impact society through the intersection of art, music, science, and technology. CO:QUO encourages co-creation by facilitating discussions, workshops, and performances. This June CO:QUO presents the virtual online event series Music Futures & Simulacra: Exploring Without […]

Insight: Output Field’s Debut Showcase ‘Skin Garden’, virtual musings in flesh

Text by Griffin Martell Bodies are complex. From the moment of birth, we become immediately acquainted with our corporeal selves through the very moment of sensation. To be conscious is to inhabit a body. Yet, over time, through biological and social development, our relationship with our bodies gradually transforms. We move from a stage of […]