ISLAND PEOPLE, how »II« circles our gloomy moments of stillness


Interview by Silvia Iacovcich Despite the name, we can’t really say Island People are stuck in their haven. On the contrary, the modus operandi of the quartet (mastering engineer Conor Dalton, Grammy award-winning producer David Donaldson, musician and DJ Graeme Reedie “silicone soul”, and guitarist Ian Maclennan) is a stimulating and collective overflow of identities, […]

Performance: ‘Phytocene’, a live experimental performance at Le Marais Paris

Text by CLOT Magazine Phytocene, from the Ancient Greek word phytos (plant), is a collective work by Oscar-winning sound designer Nicolas Becker, musician Agoria and bio-physicist Nicolas Desprat, produced and curated by 91.530 Le Marais. Phytocene is an immersion in the inner workings of nature, an experimental work minting bioscience and music at the heart […]