Exhibition: ‘Feliza Bursztyn, Welding Madness’ at Muzeum Susch Switzerland

Text by CLOT Magazine Feliza Bursztyn was a pioneering Colombian artist active in the 1960s and 1970s whose kinetic sculptures revolutionised the South-American art field alongside the work of her better-known contemporaries Gego and Mira Schendel (all three shared the experience of the Jewish diaspora).  The exhibition Feliza Bursztyn: Welding Madness at Muzeum Susch, in […]

Discussion: ‘Transhumanism, Beyond the Human Frontier?’ at the NEW NOW online platform

Text by CLOT Magazine Transhumanism is a global scientific and philosophical movement whose followers seek to enhance humanity’s physical and intellectual capacities radically and strive to significantly improve the average human life expectancy, paving the way for us to one day attain immortality. The term Transhumanism in its contemporary sense was coined and popularised by British […]