Events: Vorspiel transmediale 2022

Text by CLOT Magazine Vorspiel, the parallel citywide program of events before and during transmediale and CTM festivals in Berlin, is celebrating its 11th anniversary, a celebration of the city itself and its vibrant underground and experimental scene. In the occult science of numerology, the number 11 is considered to contain special enlightening powers. In […]

Event: Tokoro 23 & An Trinse at SWEET DEBRIS London Sunday 22 Jan

Text by CLOT Magazine This Sunday 22 January, SWEET DEBRIS launches an event series that will be dispersed throughout 2022 at Equivalentbehaviour, a gallery space in Northeast London. For this round, artists will be exploring notions of geographical entanglement. With spirits that may be repressed or shared, historical and psychosomatic. Aiming to travel between voyeur […]

RUTH CATLOW & PENNY RAFFERTY, unveiling DAOs for creative practices

Interview by Charlotte Kent If NFT’s popularity emerged in 2021, any number of people would stake that DAO will be the concept popularised across 2022. The acronym stands for Decentralised Autonomous Organization. Ironically, it can be none of these things. If the language around blockchain wasn’t confusing enough, now it seems almost intentionally obfuscating. What […]