Rewire 2022 snaps: Sounds like Touch & Tactology Lab

Interview by Agata Kik and CLOT Magazine The exhibition Proximity Music: Sensing After Thought, curated jointly by Rewire and iii – an artist-run community platform supporting new interdisciplinary practices linking performance, technology and the human senses that contributes to international developments in the field of Art, Science & Technology-, used the idea of interruption to […]

KRISTA KIM, fluorescently taking back our screens

Interview by Jacob Gries It’s a gift and a curse – We cling to this phrase to explain away character traits and quirks of personality that manifest in helpfully unhelpful ways a bit too often – deep sleeping, relentless striving, insatiable curiosity. But its best utilisation is perhaps as a logline, or a credo, for […]

Rewire 2022: The Day After – Arts & discourse programme

Text by Agata Kik and CLOT Magazine editors Rewire, one of the annual international festivals for adventurous music, returned to The Hague in April with its eleventh festival edition, bringing together a wide range of musical and interdisciplinary performances, including commissioned works, club nights, installations, and talks screenings. For the first time this year, the […]