CLOTMix: CLOT Magazine presents CAFE de la JUNGLE

Text by CLOT Magazine Our next Mixtape comes from the Polish producer Cafe de la Jungle, where he has recollected some of his latest inspirations regarding pace and rhythms. Cafe de la Jungle is Tomasz Zając, a Kraków-based producer who uses modular synthesis, field recording and sampling techniques to build mystical worlds on twelve-inch discs. […]

Insight: freq_wave, a sound installation aimed to reflect on the depth of the oceans

Text by CLOT Magazine freq_wave (Pacific; Los Angeles) is an immersive installation by pioneering new media and conceptual artist Carl Michael von Hausswolff, who has transformed the interior of the 100-inch Hooker Telescope at Mount Wilson Observatories in Los Angeles with a visual and sound installation aimed to make us reflected in the depth of […]