Event: Our Bio-Tech Planet, examining the Future of Plants & Humans

Text by Juliette Wallace This October, the historical Botanical Gardens in central Rome will host an event for our future. Our Bio-Tech Planet: The Future of Plants and Humans (OBTP), an international, cross-disciplinary, multimedia event, sprouts in Italy’s capital between October 24th and 30th, burgeoning, in turn, a series of cross-disciplinary art/science/technology workshops, talks, panel […]

Insight: Doom Rites of London East End, at the Judgement Hall festival

Text by Piotr Bockowski Escaping mass media of formulaic overstimulation, a contemporary London music event dedicated to uncompromised deep listening has to abandon club dead-ends and symbolic bankruptcy of no-attention culture industries. The Judgement Hall invites Londoners to a procession of careful sound autopsies during their prodigious 3-day festival descending into sophisticated sonic focus and celebration […]