Insight: Dotcom Séance, resurrecting ghost companies & reexamining their role in Web3

Text by Lula Criado New-Zealand born Berlin-based Simon Denny’s creative practice reflects an interest in technology and its advancement from the technical perspective and more profoundly explores technology’s sustained influence on global cultural and political development, with a particular focus on the tech industry.  Dotcom Séance is an expansive digital installation that reflects Simon Denny’s […]

CLOTMix: Intergalactic Research Institute for Sound presents BANU

Text by CLOT Magazine South-east Turkey-born DJ, sound artist and producer Banu is bringing the sounds for our next mixtape. The artist uses music as a political tool. For Banu, the strong message carried through sound is a vehicle to express emotions as well as a means of fighting against oppression. Coming from a conservative […]