Insight: reimagining timeless symbols in Saint Abdullah & Eomac’s new collaboration

Text by Olya Karlovich In the Saint Abdullah project, New York-based Iranian-Canadian brothers Moh and Mehdi create sounds influenced by the Middle East’s social, political, and cultural aspects, challenging the Western world’s stereotypical misconceptions about Muslims. Their fearless music is a blend of field recordings from Tehran and samples of Shiite ceremonies with hip-hop beats, […]

Editor’s pick: CRYSTAL by SAVE lab, chemical connections & the human body

Text by CLOT Magazine Today we are presenting the video documentation of CRYSTAL, a project by the art-science laboratory SAVE lab, created for the exhibition 12 Signs of the Living. The project touches upon the topic of spiritual challenge based on the ideas of Marina Abramovic, and it’s aimed at the direct communication between two objects: […]