SEMIBREVE 2023: Highlights, exploring electronic music & digital art in Braga, Portugal

Text by CLOT Magazine Since 2011, SEMIBREVE has consistently presented a forward-thinking programme featuring some of the most revered electronic music and cross-disciplinary work by artists from around the world, as well as maintaining an active role in promoting the digital arts in Portugal. Considered a unique platform for co-production and sonic expression in Portugal, […]

Video Premiere: Zosia Hołubowska’s ‘I Don’t Know The Dialect Hard To Tell / Nie Znam Gwary Ciężko Stwierdzić’, the gloomy beauty of the abandoned landscape

Text by CLOT Magazine Zosia Hołubowska is a sound artist and a queer activist, a member of the Oramics collective and the co-founder of Sounds Queer? Also known as Mala Herba, their practice is deeply rooted in Slavic folklore, healing rituals and queer as metholody of composing music. Last March, they released their debut album, […]