Exhibition: ‘Three Parent Child’, Sonya Dyer challenges mitochondrial DNA & reproduction

Text by Piot Bockowski Somerset House Studios resident Sonya Dyer undertakes a new commission to be presented throughout the River Rooms from 29th September, marking the artist’s first solo exhibition in London. The installation, Three Parent Child, will be the final stage of Dyer’s Andromeda trilogy, as part of herongoing project Hailing Frequencies Open. HFO […]

Fashion show: CYCLING THE WALLED CITY, Ingrid Kraftchenko at Barbican London

Text by Piot Bockowski The outrageous female psychosomatic condition was identified as cyclically recurring fin-de-siecle syndrome. Crinoline and corset-wearing ladies, who indulged in bicycle riding, developed an odd mania in reaction to the distress of the nervous system exposed to intense exhilaration rapid riding brings about. Driven into a frenzy by welded mechanical turbine-limbs, extending […]