Flashow: ‘Raw/ à vif’ by Noémie Soula at Giudecca Art District Venice

Growing advancements in biotechnologies like gene editing and tissue engineering are transforming the face of medicine, while also challenging our current bioethical and legal landscapes. Many scientists are pushing the boundaries of possibility and pursuing the quest for improving humankind.

Experiments with biotechnology question and explore the essential meaning of being human. How can we design a human body? How will science change how we define human species? What will the consequences of those practices be?

Raw / à vif or the unnatural desire to design a human is a project at the crossroad between transhumanism and biology. It transports you into possible scenarios of sculpting, coding and farming body parts. Exploring three current interwoven biotechnologies, it analyses what their impacts could be in our near future. 

Noémie Soula is a London-based design researcher, who has recently graduated from MA Material Futures, Central Saint Martins, UAL. Her artistic practice is interdisciplinary, interweaving life sciences, storytelling and design, and focuses on exploring alternative futuristic scenarios.

With tissue-engineered skin grafts, organ transplants, stem cell research and DNA printing technologies such as CRISPR/Cas9, what does the future hold for your body?

The exhibition will run from 21 February – 8 March 2020 and it’s a collaboration between Unbore Collective and Giudecca Art District.

Text by CLOT Magazine (Twitter @clotmagazine)

Website  https://www.unbore.org/flashow-2-nomie-soula
(Picture courtesy of the Unbore and the artist) 

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