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ZACHARY BEER, exploring the processes of Molecular Biology

Words by Lula Criado Twin degrees in Molecular Biology and Fine Art make the work of Cambridge-based artist Zachary Beer creative and innovative. His paintings, full of beautiful structures and solid colours, are explorations into the processes of Molecular Biology. He translates microscopic images of meteorites and biological structures (such as homeobox genes and metabolic pathways) into colour. Scintillation, […]

MAIKO TAKEDA, finding inspiration in nature and the environment

maiko takeda headpiece

Words by Lula Criado  I met Maiko Takeda at the last London Fashion Week SS14. There, she allowed me access to her latest creations – the headpieces from her collection Atmospheric Reentry. The very same pieces that Björk wore at the Hollywood Bowl earlier this year. She explained how she crafts her pieces. Maiko makes […]

DAVY & KRISTIN McGUIRE, dream worlds made of paper

Words by Lula Criado       Kristin and Davy McGuire construct dream worlds from paper, and their creative and innovative staging of a play caught our attention. The couple are multidisciplinary artists based in Bristol (UK) and work with video installations, performances, dioramas, animation and paper crafts to turn stories or books into theatre. Their […]

MATTHEW WOOLHOUSE, digital humanist & researcher

Words by Lula Criado Professor Matthew Woolhouse, digital humanist and researcher at the McMaster Institute for Music and the Mind at McMaster University, is leading Nokia* funded research analysing millions of anonymous music downloads.  For Woolhouse, music is a language that tells us about who we are and where we are. He and his team have been granted […]

MAURIZIO MONTALTI, a symbiotic partnership between humans and fungi

Interview by Lula Criado Maurizio Montalti is the founder of Officina Corpusculi, a creative and innovative laboratory focused on establishing relationships between science, art, society, nature, culture and industry. Montalti is an engineer who became fascinated with microorganisms and fungal organisms during his graduation project. His work seeks to change the perception of these organisms considered […]