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maiko takeda headpiece

MAIKO TAKEDA, finding inspiration in nature and the environment

Words by Lula Criado 

I met Maiko Takeda at the last London Fashion Week SS14. There, she allowed me access to her latest creations – the headpieces from her collection Atmospheric Reentry. The very same pieces that Björk wore at the Hollywood Bowl earlier this year. She explained how she crafts her pieces. Maiko makes special acetate sheets with an inkjet printer, then cuts them up into different shapes and links them together with silver jump rings.

Maiko finds inspiration in nature and the environment. She plays with shapes, colours, shadows and movements to build a collection where the intangible turns into the physical. Yellows, blues and greens remind us of the environment and designs inspired by jellyfish, sea urchins, or sea horses are in delicate harmony with nature. Maiko Takeda’s headpieces are not only fashion accessories; they are wearable sculptures. When you wear them, you live in a surreal moment feeling like a piece of artwork yourself.

Atmospheric Reentry, Maiko Makeda (2013)

What do you see as the ultimate discovery in human history?

So many things to list, but I’d like to say lights- it’s such a magical thing to hold in your hands.

Do you find creativity where there was once insanity?

I like to pair down my ideas to the very essential elements in my final designs, so that’s a logical process in the end, but through my early design development, I always go through a vague and chaotic journey.

If you would have to give up one of your five senses, which one would it be and why?

I really can’t choose one! They are all so important as my inspirations often come from multi-sensory experiences.

Empathy and apathy… Would you be able to work with someone like yourself?

I hope so!

How do you cope with creative desperation?

Relax and walk around in town. Ideas and inspirations often pop up when I don’t try too hard.

And one for the ride, when do you decide that enough is enough?

When the work gives me surprising and unexpected excitement.

(All photos courtesy the artist)

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