CLOTMix: CLOT Magazine presents HALLOW GROUND

Text by CLOT Magazine The next mixtape comes from musician and composer Remo Seeland, who is behind the Swiss experimental label Hallow Ground. He’s presenting a selection of the label’s music, partly in response to the label’s recent publication, their first ever “concept-compilation” Epiphanies (Hallow Ground, 2022) released earlier in March this year. Founded by […]

Exhibition: ‘Piece of Mind’ at Somerset House Studios’ Gallery 31 London

Text by CLOT Magazine Piece of Mind is a new exhibition at Somerset House Studios’ Gallery 31. Running until 17 July 2022, it has been curated by Harlesden High Street, an art space that celebrates ungentrified neighbourhoods of London and provides resources for underrepresented artists. The exhibition aims to explore the effects of the changing […]