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CLOTMix: CLOT Magazine presents HALLOW GROUND

Text by CLOT Magazine

The next mixtape comes from musician and composer Remo Seeland, who is behind the Swiss experimental label Hallow Ground. He’s presenting a selection of the label’s music, partly in response to the label’s recent publication, their first ever “concept-compilation” Epiphanies (Hallow Ground, 2022) released earlier in March this year.

Founded by Remo Seeland, Hallow Ground was created in 2013 and has been instrumental in launching the careers of artists such as Kali Malone and FUJI||||||||||TA (both recently part of this year’s edition of Rewire festival) as well as recently releasing albums by Lawrence English, Norman Westberg, Maria W Horn and Siavash Amini, as well as hosting many of Seeland’s own compositions.

More than a record label, Hallow Ground is a Music and Art platform leading to ‘Visions’, also acting as publishers, hosts and performers. Seeland also shares that Hallow Ground was born out of the need to provide a platform for music that moves us to the core. With all-around coherent vinyl releases, where the cover artwork plays an important role, they wanted to make very qualitative contributions to experimental music.

For the label’s first-ever compilation, the artists were commissioned to pursue a non-rational creative process in approaching the phenomenon of epiphany through sound. The results, whether long-form, short vignettes, profane and concrete sounds or spiritual and abstract pieces, perfectly encapsulate what Hallow Ground as a label has stood for since its inception, challenging not only conventional notions of what music is supposed to sound like but also the listeners’ perception through the power of sound.

The mix Seeland has prepared for us reflects on the sound of some of the main artists behind the label -also featured in the Epiphanies compilation; a joyous and sinuous journey into experimental introspection.

Read more about Hallow Ground in our label feature following this link.

Lawrence English – Outside The City of God (Augustine wept) 04:02
Miki Yui – Listening (oneness) 10:03
Maria W Horn – Oinones Death pt. I 05:36
Siavash Amini – Spuming Silver 05:53
Kali Malone – Empty The Belief 10:01
Marja Ahti – Symbiogenesis 07:22
Remo Seeland – Pulse Points Green 05:33
Steve Fors – Unsound Structures 06:26
FUJI||||||||||TA – sukima 07:03

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