Insight: Politics of Human Waste – agitprop theatre at ‘Chronic Illness’ events

Text by Piotr Bockoski From the beginning of its occupation in 2015, the squatted sewage of the Dungeons of Polymorphous Pan has been obsessively invested in the theatrical devolution of human performers towards fetishist intimacy with fungoid decomposers that animate the space. Exploring anti-humanist concepts through performance art, this year’s Chronic Illness –in their collaboration […]

Workshop: Seokkeodungdung, doing ‘Social Fermentation’ at ALB

Text by CLOT Magazine On June 4, in the context of the group exhibition and interdisciplinary international conference Hackers, Makers, Thinkers organised by Art Laboratory Berlin, the artist collective  Rice Brewing Sisters Club (RBSC) will carry out the workshop Seokkeodungdung: Doing “Social Fermentation”. Rice Brewing Sisters Club are Aletheia Hyun-Jin Shin, Hyemin Son and Soyoon […]