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Workshop: Seokkeodungdung, doing ‘Social Fermentation’ at ALB

Text by CLOT Magazine

Rice Brewing Sisters Club: Terrestrial – Celestial, 2022, Art Laboratory Berlin, photo: Oliver Schümers
Terrestrial – Celestial, Rice Brewing Sisters Club (2022), Art Laboratory Berlin. Photo: Oliver Schümers

On June 4, in the context of the group exhibition and interdisciplinary international conference Hackers, Makers, Thinkers organised by Art Laboratory Berlin, the artist collective  Rice Brewing Sisters Club (RBSC) will carry out the workshop Seokkeodungdung: Doing “Social Fermentation”.

Rice Brewing Sisters Club are Aletheia Hyun-Jin Shin, Hyemin Son and Soyoon Ryu. Since 2018, they have combined artistic research through a framework of “social fermentation” that encompasses the fields of visual art, performance, creative writing, oral history, decolonial histories, geographical and geological observations, and auntie wisdom. 

For them, “social fermentation” is an art form. In this workshop, the RBSC collective will focus on their new art project TERRESTRIAL-CELESTIAL (ongoing), a project that connects Berlin community gardens and gardeners. They will detail their approach to social fermentation as both a form and method by bringing together our past projects, observations, conversations, and actions. 

In the first part of the workshop, they will make use of the nuruk, – the Korean fermentation starter that they have created in the past few weeks – by brewing makgeolli (rice wine) together. Starting from taking out the seasoned nuruk that has been cultured in their installation, they will go on to use it for human consumption and nourishment, step by step. While the second part, they will create a new batch of indigenous microorganisms for seokkeottuiumbi – the Korean composting method that nourishes depleted soil through mixing, propagating, and letting the microbiomes release themselves. The RBSC collective explains. 

Registration and information about these two workshops can be found here.

(Image courtesy of the artists and ALB)
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