Insight: Hylē, a new installation by Theresa Schubert

Text by Olya Karlovich In Aristotelian philosophy, Hylē is a predominant matter that in itself has no individuality, specific form, characteristics or meanings. And only through tecnē (human processing) a transformation happens, and Hylē takes shape.  In her new work, German artist Theresa Schubert refers to this concept to explore the interconnectedness of the presence and […]

CAROLINE CORBASSON, tracing the stars and exploring the mysteries of the universe

Interview by Alexandra Gilliams Working across drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, and video, Caroline Corbasson investigates the mysteries of the universe with plenty of room for experimentation. Exploring monumental questions on both micro and macroscopic scales, her work is imbued with years of research and a sensitive, poetic disposition.  Corbasson collaborates with scientists who study astrophysics, […]