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jas singh walking

JAS SINGH, experimenting with the interaction of sound & space

Words by Lula Criado

After graduating from Central Saint Martins, London-based artist Jas Singh has focused on experimenting with the interaction between sound as a language, the internal soundscape of every human body and the architectural spaces associated with the observation of the individual.

Surveillance has become an insidious system of social control and privacy is dead. What’s more, today in the UK there is one camera for every 14 citizens and ubiquitous surveillance with electronic equipment such as cameras is only the beginning. Moreover, concerned with the concept of his work than its aesthetics, Jas Singh has been raising awareness of the global political climate and art is his weapon.

What do you see as the ultimate discovery in human history?

To contemplate…I think…or has that always been there?

Do you find creativity where there was once insanity?

I’ll get back to you on that… Still waiting for my psychological screening results…

If you would have to give up one of your five senses, which one would it be and why?

Probably taste; as it can be bitter.

Empathy and apathy… Would you be able to work with someone like yourself?

Not sure as yet. I’m in negotiations with the Japanese at the moment to get a ‘Kirobo’ of my own.

How do you cope with creative desperation?

It’s called a ‘blowout!’

And one for t­­­­he ride, when do you decide that enough is enough?

I’ve not got to that stage yet but will let you know should I come across it!

(All photos and videos courtesy of the artist)
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