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MIRIAM SIMUN, the implications of global warming & climate change

Words by Lula Criado



Miriam Simun is a research-based artist blurring the boundaries between art and social change: ecological, historical and technical. One of the central axis of her work is to provoke critical thinking in society about the implications of global warming and climate change. Following these premises, two installations caught my attention: Agalinis Dreams and GhostFood.

Agalinis Dreams is a multi-sensory performance that allows people to experience the scent of Agalinis acute, which humans have never smelled before. Agalinis acuta is a small pink flower that blooms for a few hours, only one day in late summer. Federally protected in New York State is one of the most threatened species to extinction. GhostFood is a mobile trailer and taste experience which denounces how food may disappear in the future as we know them today. GhostFood provides a future scenario where people taste unavailable food using a wearable device.

Miriam Simun is blending art, technology and science to promote reflection about the future of food or species on the verge of extinction. Scent, food and climate change are some of the words that can help define her conceptual universe.

What is more important: to take or not to take yourself too seriously in order to be creative?


What’s your favourite time of the day?

Either first thing in the morning or at 3am. Or sunset time.

Solitude or loneliness, how do you spend your time alone?

Working or thinking or dreaming.

Have you found beauty in unexpected places/situations?

Beauty is easy to find, hard to see. I think someone else said that before me, I concur completely.

What do you want to achieve before you die?


One for the road… What are you unafraid of?

The unknown.

(Photos courtesy of the artist)
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