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Conference: 3rd International Conference Biodigital Architecture & Genetics

Text by CLOT Magazine

This month CLOT Magazine’s editors will be giving a keynote talk at the 3rd International Conference on Biodigital Architecture & Genetics, which runs from 7-9th June at ESARQ (UIC Barcelona).

The conference theme revolves around ideas of the Anthropocene and subsistence: In the twenties and thirties of the 20th century, when some architects were disposed systematically to configure the modern world, they did it stimulated by cultural pressure, correct adaptation to new times and fighting for minimum conditions of human existence.

On the other hand, nowadays, the urgency concerns the entire planet’s subsistence. The question is no longer a simple caprice, an intellectual necessity, or a sensibility for losing less favoured people. Now, the necessity is global, without reservations of classes, races or religions. Now in this crucial moment, we have in front of us new techniques of enormous potential: biological techniques and digital techniques. And even the fusion of both, in something that can be named Biodigital Architecture, Alberto T Estévez, director of the conference, shares with us

With our talk, Digital and Material Worlds: An artistic view, CLOT Magazine will be talking about how some artists use and reinterpret the latest advances in the digital and material worlds and how they blend one with each other to have a critical reflection on our Anthropogenic actions or to find solutions to the challenges these actions pose for our societies.

(Image courtesy of Biodigital Architecture & Genetics)
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