Award: Archidaily x Strelka Institute 2019, a joint prize to one architect

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The Strelka Institute and ArchDaily have announced their programme to award a joint prize to one architect. The reward is the opportunity to produce a documentary film about their winning work. The Strelka Institute is a public, non-governmental educational project that was founded in Moscow in 2009. The institute deals with the culture and structure of urban Russian landscapes and aims to promote positive ideas about change and development. Through education, the Institute allows talented young architects to enter the limelight and explore their creative potentials. 

ArchDaily, founded in 2008, is an online blog that caters to architects and professionals working in the industry. The website publishes news and information about projects and competitions and is a valuable resource and point of reference for the online world of architecture. Both the Institute and ArchDaily recognize the value of public education and fostering young initiatives. Together, the Strelka Institute and ArchDaily are looking for architects whose projects were built in the last five years and who deal with sustainability, novel use of materials, and research-based and participatory design. Applicants should be interested in the challenges the urban environment poses and how they can transform these obstacles for the better. Firms that were established no later than ten years ago may also submit one project.

Finalists will be invited by the Institute and ArchDaily to present their work at the Future Architect conference in Moscow on September 10, 2019. The Strelka Institute & ArchDaily prize winner will have their project featured in a documentary film that will then be streamable on the online video platform Okko.

(Media courtesy of Strelka)
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