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CLOT Magazine recommends: MAY

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Installation view (2019). Photo credit: Robert Glowacki

AIDOL 爱道 by Lawrence Lek, Sadie Coles HQ London, until 18 May 2019

Lawrence Lek presents AIDOL, a new feature-length film with visuals produced in collaboration with Clifford Sage, a sequel to the previous geomancer. This computer-generated fantasy tells the story of a fading superstar, Diva, who enlists an aspiring AI songwriter to mount a comeback performance at the 2065 eSports Olympic finale. Set in a smoke-and-mirrors realm of fantastical architecture, sentient drones and snow-deluged jungles, AIDOL revolves around the long and complex struggle between humanity and Artificial Intelligence. More info.

L.E.V. Festival, various locations Gijón, 2-5 May 2019

Laboratorio de Electrónica Visual continues to explore the most cutting edge side of digital creativity, and the 13th L.E.V. Festival-Gijón will offer an enticing line-up full of groundbreaking audiovisual experiences, with Gazelle Twin, Caterina Barbieri, Lanark Artefax, Alba G. Corral, Robin Fox, Broken English Club, Klara Lewis and others. More info.

Entangled Realities: Living with Artificial Intelligence, HeK Basel, 9 May – 11 August 2019

Entangled Realities is dedicated to the current topic of artificial intelligence (AI) and its effects on society. A specific focus lies on human interaction with intelligent algorithmic systems and the resulting new intertwined realities. The world we live in is increasingly influenced and shaped by AI, we share our lives with “intelligent” objects and systems and in various areas we are already handing over certain decisions to machines. With Ursula Damm, Holly Herndon and Mat Dryhurst, Mario Klingemann, Lauren McCarthy, Anna Ridler and David Pfau and others. More info.

Future You, Universal Everything (2018). Image courtesy of Universal Everything

AI: More than Human, Barbican London, 16 May – 26 August 2019

A centre-wide ‘festival-style’ exhibition that will explore creative and scientific developments in AI, demonstrating its potential to revolutionise our lives. Bringing together artists, scientists and researchers, this interactive exhibition will offers a survey of AI and experience the capabilities of AI in the form of cutting-edge research projects by DeepMind, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Neri Oxman; and interact directly with exhibits and installations from artists including Mario Klingemann, Massive Attack, Es Devlin and teamLab. More info.

Neuhaus, Het Nieuwe Instituut Rotterdam, 19 May – 15 Sept 2019

Het Nieuwe Instituut joins the worldwide celebration of the Bauhaus centenary not by glorifying the historical achievements of this legendary school, but rather by reactivating and embodying its original spirit through Neuhaus. Het Nieuwe Instituut’s programming will be investigating more-than-human knowledge, opening a temporary academy taking visitors on an exploration of what it could mean for humanity to learn to experience the world without putting itself at the centre. What if humans could learn to think, observe and design led by the interests and possibilities of animals, plants, robots and microbes? More info.


Saul Leiter. David Lynch. Helmut Newton. Nudes, Helmut Newton Foundation Berlin, ongoing 2019

Saul Leiter, parallel to his fashion photography for harper’s bazaar and the colourful abstractions he captured on the streets of new york from the late 1940s onwards, also photographed nudes in the studio. these pictures remained virtually under lock and key during his lifetime. a similar visual atmosphere in the nudes of David Lynch, taken half a century later mostly in Lodz and Los Angeles. More info.

The New Bauhaus Chicago, film

The New Bauhaus is a feature-length documentary film currently in production. The film is slated to premiere in 2019, to coincide with the Bauhaus centennial anniversary. As the Nazis took over Germany, many of the displaced Bauhaus masters found refuge in the United States. In 1937, László Moholy-Nagy came to Chicago to start the New Bauhaus. More info.

Regenerative Feedback, WORM Rotterdam, 24 – 26 May 2019

Regenerative Feedback is an annual music, new media, sound art and philosophy symposium. Their aim is to present experimental performances; new media art, and to explore these through workshops, accessible lectures and conversations between experts and audiences. With Colin Self, DeForrest Brown Jr., Flora Yin-Wong and others. More info.


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De Bons en Pierre EP No. 1 & 2, Dark Entries 2019 (info).

SoteParallel Persia, Diagonal 2019 (info).

Luc FerrariMusic Promenade / Unheimlich Schön LP, Recollection GRM released in association with Editions Mego 2019 (info).

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