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Digital Biennale: The Wrong 2019

Text by CLOT Magazine

Artwork by Mit Borras

The 4th edition of The Wrong Biennale opened on November 1, 2019, featuring 18o+ curators, artists in 15o+ pavilions, embassies and routers at 1oo+ locations around the world, and the internet.

The very first global art event of its kind, the wrong biennale spans across the world and the internet, says David Quiles Guilló, founder and director of The Wrong. The Wrong was founded by Quiles Guilló, a curator for contemporary digital art and creative director, in 2013. Since its inception, its aims are to nurture digital culture today by creating, promoting and pushing contemporary digital art to a wider audience through a biennial event. 

The Wrong happens both online and offline in pavilions, embassies and routers. As the people behind the wrong explain, the online happens in pavilions︎ —virtual curated spaces in any accessible online media where selected artworks are exhibited—the offline happens in embassies︎ —institutions, art spaces, galleries and artist-run spaces in cities around the world—, and beyond happens in routers︎ —devices developed to display digital art to everyone nearby with a smartphone or tablet—. 

After three editions of decentralised activity, the wrong is organising the main embassy exhibition entitled Epicentre at Centre del Carme in Valencia, featuring +42o digital artworks by 132 international artists, distributed in +2o cultural institutions, that are shown simultaneously in routers and screens across all Valencian territory. 

The Wrong council are Ben Grosser, Erica Lapadat-Janzen, Florian Kuhlmann, Graziela Calfat, Guilherme Brandão, Miyö Van Stenis, Jon Cates, Pablo Hannon, Carla Gannis, Moises Mañas, Patrick Lichty. Some of the pavilions, embassies, and routers participating in the wrong are Amsterdam, Athens, Oslo, Reno, New York City, Munich, Philadelphia, Barcelona, Rio de Janeiro, Beirut, Warsaw, Berlin, Krakow, La Habana, Lisbon, Paris, or Miami, among many others. 

The Wrong Biennale runs until March 1, 2020.

(Media courtesy of The Wrong)
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