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Editor’s pick: Duval Timothy’s ‘Groundnut’ video (ft. Twin Shadow)

Text by CLOT Magazine

Groundnut still image, Duval Thimothy and Ibiye Camp (feat. Twin Shadow)

Exploration of identity and belonging are central to Duval Timothy’s multidisciplinary practice. In this new video, he explores the cultural and culinary relevance of the groundnut. The artist, who splits his time between England (where he was born) and Sierra Leone (where his relatives reside), centres his work around the experience of colour and involves the use of music, photography, textiles, painting, sculpture, design, cooking and video.

Exploring themes like diaspora and the complexity of being of mixed African and European heritage through his own family history in connexion to larger historical events makes his work feel intimate but profoundly powerful and soulful.

For his most recent album, Help (Decca 2020), Timothy has been collaborating with artist Ibiye Camp to produce a video for one of the album singles, Groundnut ft twin shadow. The video explores the story of groundnuts (peanuts) from farm to market to the various products, food and culture surrounding them. A legume is so important to a huge community as delicious and nutritious food, an important economic product, and something celebrated in the wider culture.

To create the video, Ibiye Camp collaborated to photograph the process of farming groundnuts in Sierra Leone and their various journeys extensively. Ibiye then used these photographs to generate virtual 3D models of these scenes, which the camera moves through to create a narrative and convey the story. The track also portrays the Sesay family, who, through interviews, and field recordings, illustrate the peanut’s journey.

(Media courtesy of the artist)
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