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Event: Futurological Congress at TRANSART festival in Bolzano, Italy

Text by CLOT Magazine

Do You Like Cyber, Emilio Vavarella. Galleriapiù, Bologna (2017)

Bolzano is a city in northern Italy and is one of the urban centres within the Alps. Bolzano is the starting point of  TRANSART, a multidisciplinary festival for contemporary culture that is enriched by the location choice where they are set up: abandoned- and functioning factories, mountain huts, and universities. Classical music, electronic music, performances, theatre, exhibitions, movies, and new technologies are presented all over the region, creating an inter-regional and trans-border contemporary culture platform.

Curated by Natalia Fuchs (producer of GAMMA Festival and founder of ARTYPICAL), the Futurological Congress is an interdisciplinary festival where science, art, technology and culture meet, both online and offline. Tackling the theme of Artificial Intelligence and Art, philosophers, futurologists, performance artists and media scientists, computer scientists, musicians and authors will venture into an innovative look at the future of creativity and the infinite possibilities of digital technologies offer nowadays. 

Artificial intelligence, algorithms and machine learning are part of our everyday life in a way that we don’t even notice. AI is one of the most important technological advancements of the 21st century changing the paradigms of art and artistic creation. When artists and creatives use AI as an artistic tool, do artists see AI more as a tool or as a creator? Can artificial intelligence create art? And when thinking about authorship, who is the artist/author? The tool producing the piece or the artist who had the idea of making the piece of art?

These and many more questions will be addressed from September 21 to 26 by the philosopher Julian Nida-Rümelin, the transhumanist Zoltan Istvan, the Google X engineer Grace C. Young, media artists Hexorcismos and Robin Meier, the musician Peter Kirn and the artistic curator Natalia Fuchs. Also, a group of selected artists and musicians will be part of the remote micro-residency, A Postcard from the Future, where they will present AI Art Manifesto to the public program. 

(Media courtesy of the artist)
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