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Event: PARADISE ART LAB 2022, Art & Technology at Paradise City, South Korea

Text by CLOT Magazine

Marginal, KimjunseoXBoraLee (2022)

The Paradise Cultural Foundation is hosting the 2022 Paradise Art Lab Festival from May 20 to 29 at Paradise City, a hotel and resort located on Yeongjong Island, Incheon, South Korea, as part of its artist support project. PAL will present “experiential artworks” which visitors will be able to immerse in them.

Under the theme of CROSSING: Awakening A New Sense at the Crossing of the Present and the Future, the 2022 PAL Festival will present cultural events to enjoy and opportunities to have hands-on experience of the diversity of art. In addition, large-scale works combined with various technologies, such as metaverse, kinetic art, sensor interactive, mapping, and augmented reality, will give visitors a special experience.

A total of ten works were selected through application screening by experts and presentations and the winning artists are KimjunseoXBoraLee, Dorothy M Yoon, PARK Seong Jun, Studio Soobox x Tissue Office x pyopyo, Studio Artech, Daphne Jiyeon Jang, IVAAIU CITY, korinsky/seo x Orhan “aib” Kavrakoğlu, oOps.50656, and Psients x Jeffrey Kim, who received sponsorship for their art creation fee and producing benefits.

The selected works feature various attempts to view the present from the boundary between reality and “virtuality”(virtual reality), including several very large pieces. The artwork’s themes reflect the application of technologies (mentioned before) and nature, and interests in outer space. Large-sized digital interactive installation works displayed on an overwhelming 14,800-square-meter space will appeal to visitors’ senses and emotions, the team says. During the festival days there will be concerts, and talks that will address the theme of the festival and Artists’ Day, including Artist Tours in which artists introduce their works.

Yoon-Jung Choi, the chairperson of the Paradise Cultural Foundation, also comments that the festival aims to provide visitors with a special experience allowing the audience to be into the artworks and become one. In the future, life and arts, technology, and humanities will converge as one. I hope you can experience the near future at the Paradise Art Lab Festival.

(Image courtesy of PAL festival
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