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Event: Jeremy Couillard for Phillips & Daata Editions

Text by CLOT Magazine

HOTR Home Furnishing, Jeremy Couillard

Daata Editions launched in May 2015, presenting works by 18 artists. Available as limited editions, Daata has 350+ artworks by 80 artists that can be viewed and acquired as digital downloads through the website. Some Daata Editions artists are Jake Chapman, Jeremy Couillard, Takeshi Murata, and Quayola, to name just a few.

Phillips Auctions, the leading global platform for buying and selling art and design, partnered with Daata Editions, an online platform that commissions artist videos, sound, poetry and web. The result is a commission of digital artworks, which will be exhibited at the Phillips showroom in Manhattan, New York. A few days ago, Phillips and Daata Editions announced that Jeremy Couillard and Rachel Rossin have been selected this year to create new work to be exhibited as part of the Phillips x Daata Artist Commission.

The Phillips and Daata partnership allows us to support artists working in cutting-edge and emerging digital mediums through commissioning artworks. The artists chosen represent a new generation of contemporary art makers, says David Gryn, founder and curator of Daata Editions.

Artist Jeremy Couillard is the first to show his work from April 25 through April 30 at the Phillips showroom in Manhattan, New York. He has a background in painting, and his universe is inspired by advertising and video games. Couillard has recently completed a virtual reality video presented by the New Museum and Rhizome. For this commission, he is presenting HOTR Home Furnishing, an absurdist Utopian futuristic narrative in which aliens have saved humans from their own destruction. Couillard has used UnrealEngine, the same 3D animation software used to make the game Fortnite.

(Media courtesy of the artist)
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