Exhibition: ‘London is…’ at the Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism

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The Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism is opening for the third consecutive year in 2019 from September 7 to November 10. The Biennale collaborates with partners from many other international metropolises to start a conversation about the changing nature of urban environments and the growing number of issues we face and to create a platform for communication for citizens, architects, designers, and engineers alike. In today’s world, where cities deal with problems such as income inequality and discrimination, the event challenges the notion of a city as a collective space and questions what new approaches and intervention plans we need to reform cities into collective environments. 

Peter Bishop, Professor in Urban Design at the Bartlett School of Architecture, alongside the Creative Director Isabel Allen, is curating the exhibition London is… for the Seoul Biennale. London is a very dynamic city that has experienced continuous transformation for centuries, which is why it has always been one of the leading powers in the world. Nowadays, the ability to keep up with change is more important than ever, as the pace of technological breakthroughs is completely transforming city life.

London is… explores the crucial features and characteristics that London possesses and needs to keep cultivating to remain a paragon of metropolitan life both today and in the years to come. Ten developing and well-established architectural companies will contribute proposals and schemes they think London requires to maintain its title as an international city in the coming decades. Additionally, the exhibit will display the vision of London in the future as interpreted by students of the Bartlett School of Architecture. The school, part of University College London, is acclaimed for its groundbreaking architecture and urban planning research. The exhibit will be an opportunity to showcase the breadth of artistic talent and innovative ideas the students and corporations have to offer.

Website www.ucl.ac.uk/bartlett/architecture/news/2019/jun/bartlett-professor-curates-londons-exhibition-seoul-biennale
(Media courtesy of Seoul Biennale)
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