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Exhibition: Ndayé Kouagou’s ‘Will you feel comfortable in my corner?’ at ARIEL Copenhaguen

Text by CLOT Magazine

Photo- Roberta Segata and Alessandro Sala courtesy of Centrale Fies
Ndayé Kouagou. Photo credit: Roberta Segata and Alessandro Sala.

ARIEL is an exhibition platform centred on new ramifications of feminism in the aesthetic field that seeks to expand and nuance the framework of understanding of the field of feminism and to create a contact area where the topics can be accessed. Until October 4, 2020, they are presenting Will you feel comfortable in my corner?, an exhibition incorporating a performance by Paris-based writer and performance artist Ndayé Kouagou

Using text as a starting point, Will you feel comfortable in my corner? Reflects Kouagou’s explorations and approaches to the subject of otherness. By looking into how we share vulnerability and fortitude, Kouagou deals with the concepts of freedom, legitimacy and privilege as defining conditions for what is viewed as other.

In Kouagou’s words, What makes someone open or closed? People don’t have a lid or a bottle cap, so what makes them open or closed? Do you consider yourself open or closed? Is one better than the other? Are we always looking for the best? Are you always looking for the best? Are we always looking? Are we always? Ah! You don’t have any answer; all you want to say is “yes I am open”, but deep down, you’re unsure if that’s the case. Sorry for putting you in this situation. But don’t worry, here is my corner. It’s really comfortable; I’ll share it with you!

Will you feel comfortable in my corner?  It is on view until October 4, 200, at ARIEL in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

(Media courtesy of Centrale Fies)
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