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Exhibition: ‘Rendered Reality’ at the Korean Cultural Centre UK

Text by CLOT Magazine


KCCUK in London was founded in 2008 and, since its inception, has presented year-round exhibition programmes, film festivals as well as traditional and contemporary musical performances. From March 10 to April 18, 2020, KCCUK presents Rendered Reality by artists Joonhong Min and Shinuk Suh. The exhibition was developed as part of the UK Residency Report Showcase, featuring a wide range of media, including installation, film, and drawing. The exhibition will also feature a series of new works that have never been presented in the UK before. 

Joonhong Min (b.1984, Korea) and Shinuk Suh (b.1988, Korea) are two contemporary artists living and working in London. Growing up in Seoul, Korea and migrating to the UK, Min and Suh have common experiences of living within two heavily divergent cultures and share similarities in their artistic approach. While Min’s installations take inspiration from unwanted materials and abandoned objects he finds in the city and rebuild them into visual sculptures, Shinuk Suh creates works that examine the notion of an ideal human image that has been imposed on us by modern society. 

Suh incorporates kinetic features in his works, highlighting the helpless and powerless individuals living under such ideologies. He has created a new piece of work for Rendered Reality that questions our ability to distinguish between reality and the world of fiction within our high technology-based society

Rendered Reality is organised by the Korean Cultural Centre UK in collaboration with the Koppel Project and Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop and opens from 10 March to April 18, 2020.

(Media courtesy of KCCU)
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