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Exhibition: ‘Vision HQ’, overlaying analogue & digital reality experiences at Max Goelitz

Text by CLOT Magazine

Photo credit: Alexander Rehn Designstudio

max goelitz presents a contemporary, international and intergenerational program focusing on abstract and concept-based positions. The gallery’s first-ever exhibition project that overlays analogue and digital reality experiences – real life (RL), virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) is Vision HQ by Niko Abramidis &NE. 

Niko Abramidis &NE explores economic structures and visions of the future. Through drawings, paintings, sculptures and room installations, Niko Abramidis &NEs develop parallel universes to create fictitious corporate identities. The core of Vision HQ is a virtually conceived space: a postmodern temple-like structure on a skyscraper’s roof in the centre of a fictive metropolis. In this imagined gallery, digitised works by Abramidis &NE—which exist in parallel as physical objects—are on view, together with antecedents of future analogue complexes of work. 

Juxtaposing digitised and digital works in the same system and hybrid levels of experience, Vision HQ is both a virtual exhibition and interactive Gesamtkunstwerk, condensing Abramidis &NE’s practice and reflection. Furthermore, in Vision HQ, Abramidis &NE simultaneously takes on various roles – architect, artist and curator – to represent a fictional corporate structure’s multiple entities.

Vision  HQ opened in May 2021 and showcased a selection of real-life works digitised for Vision HQ. The hybrid installation features the drop of Vision Equity Shares, an edition of drawings released in parallel as NFTs

We are at a decisive moment for the art market: the newest technologies serve as artistic mediums and allow innovative forms of presenting and putting to market art that reaches far beyond ‘online viewing rooms’,  says Max Goelitz.

Vision HQ is accessible via, a new platform launched by max goelitz.

(Media courtesy of max goelitz gallery)
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