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Palo Alto / Bodypaint (2019). Interactive Virtual Reality Installation. Courtesy the Artworlds and the artists, Friedemann Banz and Giulia Bowinkel.

Exhibition: ‘What is wrong with the artworld(s)?’ Bucharest Artworlds, Wrong Biennale #4

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Palo Alto / Bodypaint (2019). Interactive Virtual Reality Installation. Courtesy the Artworlds and the artists, Friedemann Banz and Giulia Bowinkel.
Palo Alto / Bodypaint (2019). Interactive Virtual Reality Installation. Courtesy the Artworlds and the artists Friedemann Banz and Giulia Bowinkel

Bucharest Artworlds is the central exhibition organised at The Wrong Biennale #4, which opened in November last year. We wrote about The Wrong, the global event which has crossed arts and digital culture for more than eight years and invites the audience to explore an increasingly rich online & offline selection of digital art. The current biennale edition brings together dozens of exhibitions, events, and experiments, including those in Bucharest. 

This year’s exhibition in Bucharest is curated by Lavinia Cazacu and Cosmin Mitea, an independent curator and a curator trained as a management consultant in strategy and operations. They are presenting Bucharest Artworlds, an exhibition that aims to bring together fields, practices, projects and people that are from rather different art spheres, facilitating the creation of knowledge and starting a dialogue within the art world ecosystem in order to find some answers for the current issues through research, digital visual dialogue, and technology.

What is wrong with the artworld(s)? is the question behind the central exhibition, which opened on February 14 at Rezidenta BRD Scena 9 in Bucharest with a tagline by which We explore the idea of extending art beyond its mere worlds in the context of the accessibility offered by the new technologies, but acknowledging the limitations produced by the same technologies as described by the curators.

Among the participating artists, we found Anna Ådahl, Friedemann Banz, Giulia Bowinkel, Maria Guță, Saint Machine, Nicolas Maigret, Mélodie Mousset, Tristan Daniel Nicolas, Răzvan Pascu, Maria Roszkowska, Jakob Kudsk Steensen, and Mihai Zgondoiu and WWWA a seven-year collaborative art and research project started last year which already presents its first findings in a visual format both digital and analogue. 

Some of the artists are known to CLOT readers, like Jakob Kudsk Steensen. In an interview we did in February last year, Jakob communicates his vision using VR, a technology that metaphysically transports the audience into another world and he rises to this challenge exceptionally, the worlds that he creates appear overwhelmingly complex, as he invites his audience to experience a sensory insight into another visible space, as well as the less tangible psychological space of the artist’s imagination.

In addition to the main exhibition, the audience will join a two-day programme of thought-provoking talks and panel discussions as part of Talking Artworlds, which gathers local and international artists, curators and key cultural figures who will share their experiences and collectively debate this edition’s theme “What is wrong with the artworld(s)?”

The exhibition is organised in collaboration with Foundation 9, Swedish Embassy and Goethe-Institut. It will be on view at the Rezidenta BRD Scena 9 in Bucharest from 14 to 29 February, with a closing reception on Saturday, 29 February.

(Media courtesy of the Artworlds)
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