Festival: ArtFutura London 2019 – Processing the Future

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Gentle Monster, Frederik Heyman

Founded in 1989, Art Futura celebrates this edition its 30th anniversary in more than twenty cities, including Alicante, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Cádiz, Cancún, Dakar, Ibiza, London, Madrid, México, Montevideo and Shanghai. Devoted since its inception to Digital Art, Virtual Reality and Computer Networks the audiovisual program analyses the state of digital creativity by presenting the latest in 3D animation, motion graphics and everything related to new aesthetics.

What does it mean to be human in the era of technology? We live in the present future more than ever, the so-called Anthropocene and an augmented and reconnected society driven by technology make the birth of a new phase in human evolution. Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Internet (IoT) converge to create Collective Artificial Intelligence, whose language will be virtual reality and neurodigital telepathy.

The collective immersion allows the fusion of people and the world into a whole. This will be the future, a world of expanded reality. People at ArtFutura told us. 

With artists’ talks, AV programs, live AV performances, workshops, Q&A, exhibitions, concerts and networking sessions, some of the names that we will see and listen to are NONOTAK, xname, David Strang, Nicola Plant, Terry Trickett, Lia Mice + They Said They Saw, Kimatica Studio or Anna Nazo.

ArtFutura London 2019 takes part from November 30 to December 1, 2019, at Iklectik and Richmix. 

(Media courtesy of ArtFutura)
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