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Festival: L.E.V festival celebrates its 15th anniversary in Gijón, Spain

Text by CLOT Magazine

dokk03. Photo credit: Enric Maria Bertani

L.E.V. (Laboratorio de Electrónica Visual) is a platform of production, promotion and experimentation related to electronic sound creations, audiovisual creations and digital art. From July 22 to 25, L.E.V. celebrates its 15th anniversary with a series of activities that will take place at different spaces in the city of Gijón, Spain. 

Some of the highlights are Ryoichi Kurokawa, who will perform Subassemblies, an audiovisual music show about the relationship between nature and human creations from the point of view of architectural scale.  Tadej Droljc will showcase the performance Beambreaker, a piece composed of lasers, lights, bent mirrors and sound, where volumetric audiovisual objects are born out of a strict synchronisation of light beams and broken sound waves. Fasenuova will play a live show with visuals by Marta Verde. Finally, Italian art studio fuse* will bring their performance Dökk, a journey to the subconscious where dance and digital landscapes combined to play with our perception of space-time. 

Augmented Reality comes back to LEV. with Julie Stephen Chheng‘s permanent exhibition Uramado AR. Tanukis Awake; digital artists Adrien M & Claire B.; the Augmented Reality pop-up book Acqua Alta – Crossing the mirror, a stage; and Fauna, a collaboration between Adrien M & Claire B and Brest Brest Brest

The first Spanish solo exhibition of new media artist Hsin-Chein Huang will represent Virtual Reality at L.E.V. Festival this year’s edition. The exhibition will include some of his most iconic projects in the field of Virtual Reality, plus some others created with pioneer artist Laurie Anderson. Lastly, L.E.V. will host two artistic residences: Cyril Meroni’s Advienne and SPIME.IM’s The End of the World.

(Media courtesy of L.E.V.)
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