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HOT & BOTHERED: Science Gallery Youth Symposium 2022 open call

Text by CLOT Magazine

From CLIMATE, ANXIETY, ACTION, Kris De Meyer (2019). A space in the ON EDGE exhibition at the Science Gallery

The Youth Symposium is a four-day event that brings together young people across the globe to connect, exchange ideas and share knowledge. The Science Gallery are looking for proposals for workshops and sessions to contribute to the event. The Science Gallery London has a new open call for proposal submissions running until Friday, 4 February.

Past events of the Youth symposium have focused on boredom, trust and co-creation — this year, the symposium will focus on climate action. The Earth has long been quietly grappling with supporting humanity’s footprint. As its silence wanes, we are experiencing our natural systems change and falter. Climate change is here. Its urgency, its bleakness, and its complexity cannot be overstated. But nor can we underestimate the power, ambition and ingenuity of young people willing to take action and embrace our environmental responsibility.

This year’s Youth Symposium aims to create optimistic spaces where we can celebrate our efforts and learn from one another. We want to foster a contagious aspiration and a hopeful sense of mutual motivation. We want people to tell their stories, inspire others, and share actionable solutions, the Science Gallery team says. They want to hear from you if you are doing something to address climate change, no matter how small. The open call seeks projects that match Science Gallery’s three core aims: to Connect, Participate, and Surprise.

The Youth Symposium is expected to be delivered online, given continued Covid-related restrictions. Although it is possible to propose in-person events, preference will be given to events designed for a virtual environment or that can easily be transposed to an online environment.

HOT AND BOTHERED: Science Gallery Youth Symposium 2022 will occur from 7th – 10th July 2022, 24/7 across time zones. More information for the open call here.

(Image courtesy of the Science Gallery)
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