Insight: How digital artists are creating online galleries with HUAWEI Themes

Change and adaptation are the only constants in our lives, and experimentation at all levels is the motor of creativity. Both acceleration and transformation in culture have always been dynamic forces behind new forms of expression. One of the positive aspects learnt from our current situation is opening our minds to uncertainty and developments that, as a society, we never thought could happen. It seems this is the moment to start transforming how things work. Artists are always looking for innovative ways to highlight their art and to reach their audiences in times when the way we interact with each other has profoundly been impacted.

In that sense, transforming digital technologies into innovative cultures is something Huawei has been focused on while changing the dynamic of this world. HUAWEI Themes (a service from Huawei Mobile Services available on all their devices) is changing how artists promote their artwork. On the one hand, digital artists are able to adapt their artwork into Themes and bring them to life with animated lock screens and wallpapers changing based on the phone position or personalised icon with the artist’s visuals. And on the other one, users can customise their mobile phones with designed and artistic Themes. 

Fascinated by the worlds of technology, fantasy, nature, and the contrast between light/dark or good/evil, artist Jönas Jödicke (known as JoJoe) has joined HUAWEI Themes and already released six themes. As an artist, I have encountered many challenges in my life to expose my art into different ways, and I was looking for a new digital platform with millions of users. This new exciting service allows me to develop new creative ways of expressing my art, and also to reach out to a new type of audience in Europe but also in Asia, the artist comments.

Interestingly, HUAWEI Themes will launch a new integrated program for all digital artists in Europe by the end of the year, which aims to unleash the potential of all these artists and explore their creativity.

(Media courtesy of Huawei)
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