Live streaming: ‘Humane Methods’ by Marco Donnarumma & Margherita Pevere

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Humane, Methods, Marco Donnarumma and Margherita Pevere, 2019. Photo credit: Manuel Vason

Performative and media artist director and composer Marco Donnarumma has been since the early 2000s exploring contemporary performance, new media art, and computer music. In his work, he combines technology, sound and body sculptures to test the relationships between body, politics and technology.

On April 11, 2020, he’s performing Humane Methods, a piece produced by the artist group Fronte Vacuo and created in collaboration with artist Margherita Pevere, an artist who has a visceral fascination for biological matter and calls bacteria, animals and plants, not materials but allies in the exploration of the underlying theme of ecological complexity. Humane Methods dissects the violence of algorithmic societies, where power structures, knowledge creation and normative criteria become means of remorseless manipulation. Immersed in continuous experimentation and mutual activation, the artists find the essence of their project at this unstable point of friction.

The piece, performed by nine dancers, two AI robots and a deep-learning algorithm, will be live-streamed at 8.30 pm (CEST) on Art Will Save Us website. Marco Donnarumma was invited by German-based curators RosyDX to perform excerpts from Humane Methods while locked down in his home in Berlin in the context of an ongoing program of live streams organised in response to COVID-19. 

Watch here on April 11 at 8:30 pm (CEST).

(Media courtesy of the artist)
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