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Online conference: ‘Under the viral shadow’ by Art Laboratory Berlin

Text by CLOT Magazine

Last Saturday, the international interdisciplinary online conference Under the Viral Shadow Art Laboratory Berlin (ALB) explored various biological, cybernetic and social networks in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The core of the Under the Viral Shadow project was the group exhibition that featured works by internationally renowned artists such as Alex May and Anna Dumitriu, Benjamin Bacon, Gene Kogan, Sarah Grant and Vivian Xu.

The conference included presentations by seven international artists that were part of the show. These speakers’ research and media are either in the life or computer sciences; participants also included guest scholars from art and media theory, biophysics, and computer science, design and culture studies.

Along a day of talks and discussions, they explored biological, digital and social networks under the pressure of new technologies. A special keynote by Roberta Buiani discussed the multiple implications of natural and human-made viruses in an age of technoscience and infection.

Now you can follow the conference recording through this link. One of our contributors attended the symposium, and we’ll publish further thoughts on what was discussed very soon.

(Image courtesy of ALB)
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