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Online exhibition: IDENT, how Schemata questions identity

Text by CLOT Magazine

Corsica Studios’ arts programme, Schemata, is an experimental art platform that pushes the boundaries in sound and vision. The programme’s first exhibition, Vortex, was held off-world in a 3D, virtual replica of Corsica Studios. Progressing from Vortex, Schemata present their new show IDENT  looks at and questions identity.

What are we? What do we want to be? How do we move beyond? What can we take into the future, and how do we make this a success for those artists we work with, our own concept of ourselves as a relevant and creative project, and a community endeavour? Curators ask themselves. 

To answer these questions, they have invited artists that explore identity in their own personal realm and whose work has a deep interest in personal and social identity and human physicality and its bounds. 

IDENT brings together those artists established in their practice and those wishing to shun and play with the ownership of their work: Corie McGowan & Allan Struthers, CSV, SoBir Kollective, Citytronix, O.K. Norris, Lewis G. Burton, Funkcutter, Sonia Levesque, Hugo Harris, Débora Silva, Kline Sinclair, and Sammie Veeler.

IDENT opens on July 9 and is hosted by the 3D gallery platform, New Art City.

(Image courtesy of the artist)
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