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Online event: FILEALIVE / ARQUIVOVIVO. Conservation, archive and heritage

Text by CLOT Magazine

FILE – Electronic Language International Festival is a non-profit cultural organisation focusing on the contemporary digital and electronic universe. Since 2000, it plays an active role in spreading its perspectives around technological languages across Brazil and South America through a wide scope of initiatives and positions. FILE’s main mission is to promote the dialogue around new media and reinforce how digitalisation processes shape our current world.

Due to these times of social distancing and ongoing remote contacts, FILE proposes the three-day online event FILEALIVE / ARQUIVIVIVO from 29th to 31st March 2021, with some of the most influential professionals and researchers dealing with digital memory.

The aim is to delve into conservation methodologies and cultural heritage preservation, addressing those organisations that take to heart the free dissemination and protection of art and technology collections. Case studies and examples of archiving strategies will be presented in a six-round table format.

FILEALIVE / ARQUIVIVO’s goal is to conduct extensive discussions exploring the challenges imposed by new media and digital content concerning archiving. At the end of the virtual meetings, a White Report containing the most prominent insights and reflections arising during the conference will be drawn up. It will be published as a sum-up of the specialised voices animating the event.

The program winds through a dense series of appointments, starting at 2 pm (São Paulo Time Zone) on Monday 29th, March, with a first section entitled Hybrid Archives Examples. To follow on the same day, the first slot will take place dedicated to the presentation of case studies, with the participation of Tania Aedo and Solimán López, two inspiring professionals already known by the CLOT Magazine readers.

In the next two days, other meetings are scheduled with a variegated rotation of guests and according to four modules: Conservation of Artworks which Depend on Technology and Archive as an Institution on Tuesday 30th, What to archive? Demands and Principles of Digital Memory and Digital Cultural Heritage on Wednesday, 31st.

FILEALIVE / ARQUIVIVO has free access, and each session will be broadcast live. To participate, registration on the dedicated platform is needed.

(Image courtesy of FILE)
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