Residency Showcase: SPACE Art + Tech Focus

Icon, Sarah Derat and Rachel Mcrae (2019)

A group show by SPACE Art + Tech Focus – Next and InProcess, where residency artists will pose questions about what it means to be human and a citizen in the digital age, through their work in progress and research developed throughout the residency.

In response to the theme Future Human, the artists explored how AI (Artificial Intelligence) is impacting the way we understand the world. As AI is deeply and deeply suffusing all aspects of our lives a higher number of artists are concerned with this matter and presenting these technologies and the impact on our societies through their critic eye.

Works have been created with the use and subversion of emergent technologies such as facial recognition, data algorithms, augmented reality, voice recognition and moving image. Audiences are invited to create their own data ritual, explore ideas on machine bias and life post death and take a journey through distant past and future to experience Earth’s climate.

The show runs from 4th April opening until 12 April 2019

By CLOT Magazine (Twitter @clotmagazine)

(Pictures courtesy of SPACE Studios)
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