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Symposium: BOREDOM REBELLION at Science Gallery

Text by CLOT Magazine

Intending to support dialogue between science and art, and dedicated to enhancing a public engagement in such domains, Science Gallery is an international network linking leading universities worldwide.

Encouraging creativity and fostering an interdisciplinary approach to education and innovation are the shared goals belonging to the eight realities part of the Science Gallery Network. These are scattered across four continents, each with its specificity, and respectively located in Atlanta, Bengaluru, Detroit, Dublin, London, Melbourne, Rotterdam and Venice. 

By joining the network, universities are meant to design and broaden connections, promote emerging research and offer new generations a connective and participatory cultural experience. Resilience, problem-solving, adaptability, and inventiveness are among the essential skills Science Gallery aspires to instil and enable in young people attending their programs. 

Science Gallery acts as a permeable layer between the university environments and their locality by focusing on the future’s potential and actively involving students, researchers and surrounding communities.

On an annual basis, Science Gallery also organises The Youth Symposium, a gathering of its advisors, mediators, staff and core audiences. The heart of the event’s purpose lies the willingness to take action on urgent issues such as mental health, climate crisis, ethics and technology. The idea of creating a global network and boosting the interactions through a platform designed for learning, exploring and experimenting feeds the symposium’s agenda.

BOREDOM REBELLION is the title chosen for the 2021 edition, which will be online from 29th until 31st January. The programme unfolds through a dense schedule of workshops, performances, and talks aiming to shake the public’s daily routine by offering and moulding together a virtual space to promote collective perspectives.

Dealing with scientific language through theatre, investigating how data might be exploited and lead to discrimination, reflecting on topics such as accessibility, privacy and inclusion, pushing creativity through randomness, and participating in live podcasts, are just a few planned activities. Opening up to new horizons through a mutual hybridisation among disciplines is the cornerstone of the project and the very purpose of animating the seminar.

BOREDOM REBELLION will be fully accessible on Whova after registration.

(Image courtesy of Science Gallery)
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