Symposium: ‘Choreographic Devices’ at ICA London

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Correspondance (Contact), Murat Adesh. Video still. Cinematography: David Huwiler (2019)

What kind of choreographic arrangements can we compose to put diverse thinkers and practitioners in relation to one another? What kinds of time spaces can be plotted, imagined and enacted, when the symposium itself is choreographed and takes shape as a sequence of sessions, each brought to life by a different host? 

The symposium Choreographic Devices is an invitation to answer these and others questions and to activate the choreographic as a methodology, or device, for trans-disciplinary rehearsal and speculation, as a form of inquiry, and a mode of doing research.

Choreographic Devices assembles contributors operating across multiple disciplinary boundaries, including artists like Murat Adash, Edwina Ashton, Ofri Cnaani, Augusto Corrieri, Cécile B. Evans, Vlatka Horvat; writers like Bojana Cvejic, Orit Gat, Lara Pawson or Martin Hargreaves; choreographers like Monika Blaszczak, Malik Nashad Sharpe, Benoît Lachambre or Lenio Kaklea; curators like Lou Forster and Lucia Pietroiusti; and theorists like Stamatia Portanova and Noémie Solomon, among many others. Choreographic Devices was developed by Murat Adash, Ofri Cnaani, and Edgar Schmitz, in close dialogue with the ICA, London. It is supported by the Consortium for the Humanities and the Arts South-East England with additional support from Goldsmiths (Mountain of Art Research, Department of Art; Curatorial / Knowledge and BA Curating, Department of Visual Cultures).

Choreographic Devices takes place on March 21–22, 2020, at ICA London. 

(Media courtesy of Murat Adash and David Huwiler)
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