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Online talks: by CMS, examining biology in the digital context

Text by CLOT Magazine

CSM (UAL) is hosting six public talks between 19th April and 31st May as part of the Digital Innovation Season 2022, focused on exploring the theme of Biology is Digital.

This series aims to examine the intersection of biology and the digital sphere to expand ecological knowledge through conversations with biologists, software engineers, artists and designers who are computing structures inspired by living systems, growing robots organically, and transporting information with biological signals. These sessions will collectively investigate how tech impacts our environment and how tech can help with the ecological crisis. Talks include: 

The role of data in the ecological crisis with Dr Berenguer (Oxford University), Dr Shridhar D Jawak (Svalbard Arctic Observatory) and artist Gaetan Robillard.

Planetary perspectives on digital technologies with philosopher Reza Negarestani & Dr Betti Marenko. 

Intercellular communications and bio-computing with Prof Yukio Gunji (Waseda University Tokyo), Prof Taj Keshavarz (University of Westminster) and artist Sasa Spacal.

Bio-robots & artificial lifeforms with Dr Sung Jin Park, Dr Jitka Čejková and Dr Lana Sinapayen

Acoustics approaches to ecology with sound artist Lawrence English.  

Computational models of living systems with Marshmallow Laser Feast and Dr Payam Zahadat.

Sessions will be available through online sign-up and held weekly each Tuesday. 

(Image courtesy of CSM)
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